Zoom Acting Technique Class with Iris Klein & Aaron Cash

May 17th to July 8th 2021

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Acting Technique Class on ZOOM

Mondays and Thursdays 6:30-9:30 pm PST

8 Weeks.  16 classes. $800.  for full course / $200. installments

This 8 week program is a fusion of Conservatory training and contemporary acting techniques, advancing the actors knowledge and skill set to draw on in their work. It’s designed to build upon the actor’s prior experience and ability, it also gives those with no experience a solid foundation from which to work.

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Phone: 323-459-7669        email:  iklein2@MAC.COM                @actingcoachirisklein


We begin each class With a centering movement and meditation.


IMPROVISATIONS:  Learn to be SPECIFIC in relationships, objectives, and circumstances.

SCRIPT WORK:   Break down the material into moments and actions.

Aaron Cash states:

The goal is to free the actor and fill their tool kit with a variety of techniques allowing the artist to pick and choose, explore and experiment, to access the most creative choices empowering the actor to discover through their instrument the most inspired, connected and truthful performance.


Aaron Cash is a multi faceted performer/creator/teacher. He has a deep background in Dancing and Acting and has produced physical based theater and film all over the world. He holds an MA in Classical Theatre from the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. He has studied with the best Acting teachers from all over the world. Janet Alhanti, Iris Klein. Penny Cherns, Jenny Lipman, Rodney Cotiter, James Kemp, Hannah Eidinow, Dean Carey, Greg Berg.


His theatre and TV and Film Credits include; King Lear, Taming of the Shrew, The Tempest, Singing in the Rain, The Full Monty, Ballet Revolucion,  Last dance, Shuffle and Flow, Tap Dogs, Man of Mode. Nuit Blanche. 24, 90210, The Sarah Connor Chronicles,  Nip Tuck, Judge on So You Think You Can Dance  Australia, Hook, The curious case of Benjamin Button. Titanic.


Iris teaches, coaches and directs in Hollywood and studied with Sanford Meisner /   Janet Alhanti ( mother) and Stella Adler.  The technique class is Sanford Meisner  and Michael Chekhov based.

Iris coaches actors on such shows as Game of Thrones; Blue Bloods; Walking Dead; Queen Sugar  to name a few…

email or text to register…   

phone: 323-459-7669        email:  iklein2@mac.com              @actingcoachirisklein


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