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20 week

Mondays and Wednesdays 1-4 pm


Learn a technique based on Sanford Meisner’s two year program in 8 weeks.

Trained in the art of understanding human behavior and connecting people with their feelings, 

Iris Klein’s curriculum focuses on being in the truth of the moment in word, action and behavior. 

Through a series of exercises, Iris breaks down acting in a comprehensive and applicable way. 

As acting is reacting, Iris reveals how we discover ourselves through each other, 

how acting is “what you do” about “how you feel.” 

She explores the material- bringing it to life by making the relationships and circumstances in the text, specific. 

On camera script breakdown to see  how your choices define your character.

Give yourself the tools to get the performance you want with your actor, with your script, with your instrument.

($350. per month… 2 months)